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Submitted by mrjmd on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 09:19

mrjmd.com is alive!

I just installed this site using docker (mysql and drupal's official containers), which I have never used before. Still a lot to learn about docker but it was past time for me to dive in. I just got back from DrupalCon New Orleans and had an exciting week. I have a lot to write about, including:

  • Decoupled Blocks module
  • GraphQL
  • Angular 2 / React / Ember
  • V8JS
  • Component driven theme rendering
  • Much more!

This site is going to serve as a blog/thought repository and also a sandbox, so I do plan on installing experimental things and showing off what works (and what doesn't). Decoupled Blocks will be here soon, but for now check out the blog post on Mediacurrent's site announcing it: https://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/introducing-decoupled-blocks-module-d…

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