A quick Decoupled Blocks update

Submitted by mrjmd on Tue, 05/31/2016 - 08:06

As some of you may know, my pet project at the moment is a Drupal 8 module called Decoupled Blocks.

It is based on the progressive decoupling model I helped implement for certain major meteorological sites, and allows javascript developers to write pieces of decoupled functionality without knowing Drupal API's, which are then converted into blocks for placement on pages.

The module was officially announced (see the link above) the Monday of DrupalCon, and I spoke about it in my session. It also received mentions in the Angular and Ember sessions, because one of its key features is that it aims to be javascript framework agnostic.

In the time since its announcement, there has been a lot of help from the community and a lot of big changes have already landed:

  • We have an official Alpha release! As of this morning, the sandbox on Drupal.org has been upgraded to an official project and a first release has been cut!
  • Much better resolution of component paths.
  • We moved our library definition for Angular 2 to reference node_modules and added a package.json file.
  • Basic configuration page to turn on/off Angular 2 development mode.
  • Updated Angular 2 implementation from beta to RC1. This was a major undertaking, since both long form bootstrap and component load with custom selector have changed, core parts of our architecture.
  • In your component's info.yml file, you can now use add_js and add_css to create dynamic Drupal libraries with any additional js or css assets needed.

In addition, significant progress has been made on some other key pieces of functionality, so coming next on the roadmap are:

  • Gulp process to automatically compile Typescript to Javascript when developing ng2 components.
  • Bundling process to reduce requests.
  • First version of our Ember sub-module should be out this week.
  • Improvements to React sub-module.
  • Revisiting the issue of component-specific node dependencies.

There is a lot of work still to be done, and plenty of places for interested parties to jump in and help. I'll continue to update here frequently, but if you'd like to get involved in the development / testing, please do reach out!


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Derek DeRaps (not verified)

Thu, 06/02/2016 - 08:28

Glad to hear about the progress and PAR acceptance. Good work, man :)

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